Welcome all Builders!

At North West Floor Screeders, we understand builders are very busy with numerous on-going projects and therefore we aim to be as helpful and efficient as possible by taking away some of the responsibility on the flooring side of the project. We will assist you in meeting all criteria as set in the original project plan, but will advise against any decisions that may have adverse affects in the future.

Step 1: Estimation

Floor screeding cannot be quoted on a calculated basis, many factors cause the price fluctuate, so it is essential to speak to one of our dedicated floor screed advisor’s with an overview of the project, location and dimensions and if necessary a technical drawing, which will allow us to give you an accurate and competitive quotation.

Step 2: Quotation

Once our floor screed experts have assessed your project, they will calculate the amount of screed required to complete the floor and will contact one of authorised screed providers closest to the project location in order to get the most competitive rate which will then be passed on to you.

Step 3: Decision making time

Now that you have your quotation, you need to decide if North West Floor Screeders are your choice of floor screeder. If you are happy with everything up to this point, we can proceed to schedule a site visit and get your project complete.