Floor Screed Contractors

Floor Screed Contractors

Are you looking for any expert floor screed contractors in your area? North West Floor Screeders are one of the UK’s leading floor screed contractors. Based in Bolton, we complete many of our projects nationwide and our team of floor screeders are all time-served with NVQ qualifications. All our work meets the strict British Standards BS8204, parts 1 and 7, and BS EN 1264.

We work on small domestic domestic projects such as 20m² extensions to large scale commercial projects of several thousand square metres. All of our projects are signed off by our customers to ensure we have gained complete satisfaction, quality assurance is our main priority and we will not call the job complete until our customer is happy and satisfied.

By offering a wide variety of floor screeds, our floor screed experts will help you choose the best and most appropriate screed for your project. Typical screeds include traditional sand and cement, acoustic screed, flowing liquid screed and rapid drying screed.

Floor Screed Contractors

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is an upcoming trend and becoming a very popular method of heating up a building. Many years ago, underfloor heating technologies were very basic and certainly not mass produced, meaning the cost of installation and materials were phenomenal, not to mention the running costs! New technologies allows underfloor heating to be mass produced, thus driving down the costs of materials and making it more affordable for the average consumer. New underfloor heating systems are made up of an extremely flexible PEX grade plastic, so not only is it easy to install, it offers a 50 years manufacturer materials guarantee. Many domestic homes, care homes, schools, hospitals and offices are all boasting their underfloor heating systems.

Many advantages of underfloor heating systems include: evenly distributed heating, comfortable/ambient temperatures, no cold spots, minimal draughts and low running temperatures, also due to radiators being no longer required, usable room space becomes more available! Research has shown that underfloor heating provides optimal comfort, this is due to humans feeling most comfortable when they have warm feet and a cool head. As underfloor heating keeps the heat low, unlike convection radiators which force the warm air towards the ceiling and keeps the cool air low..the total opposite of our comfort requirements.

If you choose against an underfloor heating system, then you are really missing out. Once you have experienced a real underfloor heating system, there is certainly no going back!

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