We Would like to give you some help in deciding what type of insulation will be most suitable for you. Their are differnt catergories of insulation for floor screed.

Under floor heating insulation 

One of the most popular addition to a home these days is underfloor heating. UFH system are a  highly efficient way to heat the home and greatly decrease heating bills.

Knowing how to install underfloor heating insulation is crucial because it dictates the efficiency of the heating system. In some instances people install a UFH system and forget to install the correct insulation! This is a mistake because the concrete or  subfloor will suck the heat down into the cold foundation rather than letting the heat radiate upwards into the floor and the room. The first step is to take inventory of your floor. If you are planning on using underfloor heating, You can cantact ourselves where we will advise you on what insulation to use and we can calculate the U Value and heat loss. Insulation is very important and should be considered an essential part of your complete underfloor heating system. If the sub floor you intend to install your system onto is uninsulated  beneath then the system may be slow to react

Accoustic Insulation

Acoustic floors can either
be installed to approved specifications called Robust detail or Pre completion
testing can be carried out to test the sound transfer is lower than the British
Standard required.

Although installing to approved spec’s is a tried and tested method, there can
be cost savings in pre completion testing using other product solutions.

EFT 1 Timber Acoustic Solutions are still very popular however there is usually
a saving in cost to be achieved by replacing the timber solution with screed.
Timber acoustic solutions have also been know to shrink significantly when
under floor heating is incorporated into the project, resulting in remedial