Carehome in Leeds | UFH and Screed

Carehome in Leeds | UFH and Screed

Project Description

We have recently completed a project for a Carehome in Leeds, providing them with a cost-effective Underfloor Heating and Screed package to meet the tight budget the customer had for his new Carehome venture. Our UFH system is sourced direct from our UFH supplier, so you are assured quality and reliability, with a 50-year guarantee on their PE-X Pipework to give you complete confidence. Our installers are highly skilled tradesmen and will complete the UFH install according to the design, ensuring accurately calculated layouts are utilised for best perforance and economy. Our screeders will then carefully lay the screed over the pipework, taking note of datum points using regularly calibrated laser levels to ensure laid to an SR2 in accordance to the British Standards.

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  • Client:

    Jim Beasley