Esher Carehome in Surrey | UFH and Screed

Esher Carehome in Surrey | UFH and Screed

Project Description

We have recently completed an Underfloor Heating and Screed project at a Carehome in Surrey. We provided a bespoke Wet UFH System as the primary heating source for the building, whilst taking care of the preparation and insulation to ensure the building had no heatloses from the ground down. We fixed down 16mm PE-X Pipework to the floor in a varation of pipe spacings to suit requirements, then covered with a Sand and Cement Fibrescreed. The carehome will now be able to determine to temperatures over a wide-variety of rooms and zones to ensure the retired residents enjoy comfortable ambient temperatures, not to mention the reduction in overheads due to the reduced running costs of the economical UFH system.

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    Private Carehome Chain