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Underfloor heating is efficient heating!

Underfloor heating is the future of heating your living space, not only do you get an invisible method of heating a floor (no radiators present), you get the luxury of lovely warm feet, no matter where you walk!

Underfloor heating is actually very simple, it works by laying an array of suitable pipework on to an insulated subdeck and then encapsulating it all with a suitable screed and when the pipework heats up, the heat is transferred into the screed and emitted to warm the room. The beauty of underfloor heating is that the heat transferred into the screed is evenly distributed, giving a subtle but comfortable heating method, but due to the thermal mass of the floor, the heat is retained and help reduce demand on your boiler (or other water heating methods you may have)

It is important to get in touch with us at the beginning of your project, as we can assist with guiding your relevant contractors to install your floor correctly and leave a relevant depth for the underfloor heating system, if your floor build up is incorrect, there may be no place to put your underfloor heating or low-profile system may be required, resulting in extensive costs.

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