Underfloor Heating Service

Our underfloor heating system is the perfectmoderncomplete package!


Do you want a quick quote? All we require is a building layout drawing with dimensions – we can then discuss with you details such as manifold positions and thermostat choices, before producing a comprehensive design drawing.

We understand how important your project is to you, so we will ensure you are involved in the whole process. You can call us as many times as you like to ask questions or change details. The drawing is open for your approval until the installation.

We can even help you determine which insulation you need to achieve specific u values. Then we will supply and install it. In short, choose any part of our service, or choose the full package:

Insulation + Underfloor Heating + Floor Screed
= Complete Floor

Approved Installers

Our UK installation teams have been trained directly by the system manufacturer  so YOU, OUR CUSTOMER know you are getting the system installed exactly as it should be.

In addition, because we buy directly from the system manufacturer our prices are very competitive.  This is a system that has been installed in over 10 million square metres of domestic and commercial buildings so you can trust its reliability and performance.

Why choose Northwest Floor Screeders for your Underfloor Heating?

We offer a FULL underfloor heating and screed package including:

✔ FREE no obligation quotation

✔ Full system design

✔ Installation and system set up

✔ Complete system guarantee

✔ FREE consultation and advice throughout the planning process

You, our customer, will receive a single point of contact for your project from the planning stage to the installation ensuring no miscommunication of information.

You will receive up to 50 years guarantee on all pipework, up to 10 years guarantee on all brass components, and a 10 year underfloor heating system guarantee (excluding electrical controls and pumps).  In addition, all of this will not cost you the earth, as we

We work for a range of different commercial and local building clients, and have an in-depth knowledge of both new-build and refurbishment projects, meaning we are confident of managing your project with expertise.


Benefits of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating works by circulating warm water through a series of continuous pipe loops fitted underneath your floor. The pipework creates a large radiant surface which heats your home from the floor upwards. This radiant form of heating is very different to the convected heat provided by radiators, which work by drawing cold air across your floor, heating it and then convecting it upwards towards the ceiling, meaning you have to heat up all the air in the room just to keep the air warm in your living space.  This is not cost effective.

The use of radiant heat rather than convected heat will provide you with a number of significant benefits. It is:

1. Comfortable
Underfloor heating has a higher level of performance than conventional heating, creating warmth where you need it most, as opposed to pushing warmth to the top of the room where it is not needed.

Heat output from underfloor heating is set so that it perfectly matches the natural level of comfort the body requires at your feet and your head. Room temperatures higher up are usually around 2°C lower than at floor level, so it’s perfect for human comfort – you won’t get cold feet and your head will stay at a comfortable temperature.

2. Cost effective
Underfloor heating’s superior efficiency means that your running costs will be significantly lowered compared to running radiators.

3. Controllable
You can make each room a separate zone, varying heat output according to the time of day, location and level of comfort. You’ll enjoy uniform heat even in the largest rooms, with no cold spots and no draughts caused by air circulation. It’s even good for furniture, with its gentler, more even heat and smaller variations in humidity.

4. Discrete
Underfloor heating is also extremely discrete. With nothing showing above floor level, it does not interfere with either your living space or décor. This leaves you free to make the most of every square metre of your floor and wall space.

5. Practical
Underfloor heating can be used with most types of floors and floor coverings. It is also suitable for use with all sorts of wet central heating systems. It can be installed throughout your house, on one level only or in individual rooms. It can be used alone or combined with radiators or other heating systems elsewhere in your home. Please call us on 01204 521151 for an informal chat.